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Deborah Ballard is a Native American Indian. She attended the University of North Texas. Later living in Dallas went on to receive a BFA in ceramics in 1981 at SMU then returning to SMU to earn her Masters of Fine Art in sculpture in 1990.

Deborah has had a studio working full time for the past 40 years. She moved from functional ceramics that she used the surfaces to paint human forms to eventually abandon the functionality altogether to build figurative sculptures.

Although her work almost always starts with clay forms, the final sculpture is cast into plasters, cast stone, wax, and bronze. They are anywhere from 2 inches to 9 feet tall.

Deborah has traveled all over the world and gathers visual information to draw, paint, and sculpt if and when needed for her ideas.

She has taught at several Community Colleges in the Dallas area, the Creative Arts Center, The Booker T. Washington Arts Magnet High School and at the Southern Methodist University Meadows School of the Arts through the CAPE Program.

Deborah Ballard's sculpture can be seen at the Valley House Gallery and Sculpture Garden.

Deborah Ballard

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