My work is a continued experimentation concerning body language, sculptural medium, and color. A series of mixed-media drawings, and maquettes allow me to explore the interaction between gesture, texture, and color. The large figures illustrate interaction between the sculptures and the activity, which encircles the pieces.

The devotion to focused studies, research, and experimentation concerning areas of the human form and psyche result in the evolution of my sculptures.

The initial attraction of the observer to the position of the figure conforms to the 20th century principles of abstraction. I have established deliberate tension between realism and abstraction, femininity and masculinity, culture and character, and modernity and classicism. Slight variations in form allow for interaction between the viewer and the sculpture with relativity to other sculptures.

It is through my sculpture that I aim to encompass the mental and physical aspects of people intertwined with the social effects of everyday life.

Deborah Ballard